Space Oddity

A lightspeed adventure through time and the cosmos with the Darling Misfits! Join Kat Robichaud and the Darling Misfits as they take on your favorite science fiction movies and TV shows. An intimate Musical Variety Show for all of you space cadets.

This Easter, watch out for facehuggers and keep your heart in your chest, as the Misfits battle monsters and hook up with aliens, while boldly going where no man, woman or little furry creature from Alpha Centauri has gone before.  Step out on the star deck and witness Barbarella soaring through the aeather. She'll make you so hot and bothered you will want to call The Doctor! And when all else fails, Major Tom saves the day in this non-stop adventure.

So grab a drink at our cantina, strap in, and don't forget you multi-pass! Get your tickets to A Space Oddity Now!

Kat brings her band The Darling Misfits to Z Space for this exciting blend of musical theater, rock 'n' roll and vaudeville. Robichaud and her band create a night of decadence, bawdiness and damsels (not) in distress, complete with everything from burlesque to drag to circus to magic. For each new show, Robichaud writes two original songs keeping with the theme of the evening (this month: Lost In Z Space), as well as a special medley to kick off the evening. Imagine a place where your darkest dreams bloom into thrilling life -- that's what Misfit Cabaret is all about.

For a truly unique experience. Your entire table will be lavished with a Bottle Of Bubbly, a private serenade from Kat Robichaud after the show, a goody bag with Chocolates, and a signed flyer

PREMIUM + Package
Front Row Seats, a Glass of Bubbly, a private serenade from Kat Robichaud after the show, a goody bag with Chocolates, and a signed flyer

What Fans Say

"Less than 7 minutes in, I leaned over to my girlfriend and whispered "This is already worth the price of admission" .. and it's a two-hour show!"

"What a whirlwind of theatrical delights is Kat Robichaud's Misfit Cabaret. From Kat's own magnificent voice and engaging naughty pixie stage persona to the dazzling talents of her eclectic cast, the show unfolds as an adventure in music, dance, comedy, and gravity-defying feats of grace. The show lives up to its inspiration: In here, life is beautiful. The girls are beautiful. Even the orchestra (well, the band) is beautiful!"

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