Theater art is a long and difficult path to success. Those who follow this path are real heroes.
I would like to express my gratitude to Kat and her wonderful team for their contribution to the theatrical art. What you are doing is very necessary for our society. Your high professionalism and love of theatrical art are worthy of respect. Good luck and let the world know about you.
— Виктор Павлов




Out of the starting gate we are assaulted with a medley of sea-inspired snippet covers hammering home the theme for the night astutely titled “WhimSea.” Kat is center stage, backed by her sidekick Brendan, and a band of Darling Misfits.

— Sean Taylor



You won’t find a more magnificent and talented nightclub singer belting it out on a San Francisco stage this weekend than Kat Robichaud, whose lounge revue Misfit Cabaret opened last night at the Great Star Theater. But you will find her act peppered with tentacle gags, fright wigs, and various slapstick stunts. Her act seamlessly fuses the jazz chanteuse and screwball comedy genres that have no business working so well together.

— Joe Kukura



As I left the theater, so many audience members were absolutely buzzing with delight. One woman dressed in a lace-up corset with a frilly skirt turned to her date and said, “I don’t want it to be over.” I know how she felt. It was a wild fantasy ride, and I greedily wanted more.

— SarahJayne Kemp

The Bay Bridged

Horror Show

If you’re fiending for a killer Halloween musical revue that’s simply to die for, the power of Christ compels you to check out Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret Presents: Horror Show this weekend at the Great Star Theater. Horror Show is a monster mashup of dozens of movie scenes, spooky songs, and batty pop culture references that add plenty of paranormal activity to Robichaud’s recurring diva nightclub act.

— Joe Kukura



The whole experience…inspires a welcome breed of holiday hope: the promise that, despite the loss of companies like the Thrillpeddlers, San Francisco’s weird artists and their possibly even weirder audiences are alive and thriving.

— Lily Janiak

SF Chronicle

Kat has this incredible ability to switch from an animated goofy character to an intense and very emotional singer. The amazing cast around her act and dance and perform with a very enthralling joy which drags you right in some sort of virtual reality where life is wonderful, emotions are big, and you just don't want it to stop. And then Brendan and Kat do even more for premium guests (sssoo worth it), taking song requests, sharing thoughts and jokes, and oh my, are they genuine and talented... Also kudos to Jordan, the behind-the-scene driving force for making such small miracle happen again and again.

— Jerome Moisand

Less than 7 minutes in, I leaned over to my girlfriend and whispered "This is already worth the price of admission" .. and it's a two-hour show!

Their performances were top notch--timing was impeccable, talent was obvious, and the surprises were amazing! So many things happened that you wouldn't expect that had everyone laughing, interacting, and cheering uncontrollably. There were a number of times I found myself cheering involuntarily--it was that good!

— Frank Slodysko

Thank you so much for another awesome Misfit Cabaret. I had such a great time tonight. This show is so much fun and filled with an incredible array of talented musicians and artists. Kat Robichaud is a natural entertainer with an impeccable voice and incredible stage presence. There was so much to enjoy about this installment of Misfit Cabaret it will inspire me for ages to come. So many laughs and such great music. Thanks for putting on such an amazing show!!!!

— Donny Scott Fendrick